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Went to my 'shoot' last sunday and believe me I feel ***!

Applied via the Facebook ad just because modelling has always been an interest of mine and wanted a bit of experience. I knew that BB models wasn't a big or well known agency but the 'test shoot' was experience.

They sent me an email saying i'd been offered a test shoot and that I needed to phone to book a slot to have my shoot in or threatened me i'd lose my place. I phoned up and got given a slot on sunday at 4:15pm which seemed rather late on a sunday to be having a test shoot but anyway.

Got sent an email with the details and detailing what to expect on the day. There was a lot about being punctual and having to be patient and wait and I'd be judged on this. It all seemed fine so went to the shoot on the sunday afternoon.

I arrived there early and was told to wait by various different people who then told me they'll be going to get me a form which they never did until the 4th person finally gave me a form to fill in details i'm sure I already gave them but whatever. That whole experience in my head seemed like a test for the patience thing so didn't complain or say anything.

Finally got into make-up and hair but was sure I wanted natural/not much make up and wanted my hair natural as that is what the top agencies like to see. They like to see your natural face and natural hair so wanted my photos being as requested by top agencies. That struck alarm bells a little as having really elaborate hair and make up would not make me appealing to clients on BB's website, if you can even call it an agency website.

Had the shoot and the photographer I must admit was lovely and took some flattering photos of me, got all the generic poses and all. I did however question how busy the place was and how several others were having shoots the same time as me but I was quite new to the whole situation so went along with it. After this me and my mother had to wait a good hour even though we had been at the Media No.1 studios (birmingham) for over 4 hours (stated max of 3 on the website.) Bare in mind the shoot was just under an hour.

I do say all this having no other agency experience in my life and I may be completely wrong but having a lot of you on here having the same problems as me I wanted to highlight that this company and its procedures are so wrong. I do love modelling and the idea of it but this was not a big aspiration of mine.

Back to the story and it ended exactly the same as every other complaint on this website, the word money was involved and wanting me to pay for photos to use for my portfolio. A portfolio which BB models would set up on their website for me, a portfolio that media no.1 studios had sent to BB models an hour previously. They were asking ME to BUY photos to SEND to BB models that they had ALREADY received from the studio in birmingham!!! BB models already had all the 50 photos that they were asking me to buy!! It is a complete joke that I did't really catch onto it until I was talking to my mum on the way home.

I realised it was a scam by this point, however that £150 for all photos wasn't that bad and my mother really wanted to have them for family and things. Got out of the studio, received an email that night saying how my shoot went and an email with a 'contract webpage' which I should reply to. I NEVER REPLIED and haven't heard from them since! If I really had potential and they really wanted me I would have had a phone call or another email asking of my interest! I imagine thats what other agencies would do or I'd actually get to see an agency representative in person (which DID NOT happen).

Ive looked at the website after this ridiculous ordeal and realised that none of the 'models' have any extra photos in their portfolios than the ones taken at the 'test shoots'. I think it's disgusting they are conning young adults and children's parents out of money for portfolios which will never be seen. That it is the photos taken at media no.1 studios or nothing and make you feel uncomfortable if you don't buy them on that day. I have since understood that top agencies do not make you pay at all to build your portfolio.

I would not be surprised if the studios and the agency were run by the same company as this seems to be the way they get their money. I even had to sign to say this 'does not guarantee any work and BB models and the studio are different companies'. BB models can then not take any blame for not creating work from photos which were not taken by them. It's all a big scam to get money for photos which won't get you any work basically.

I am so upset that Facebook are even advertising this company and letting them put photoshopped images on their group page. I've tried searching for their London HQ and shock I couldn't find it . I cannot believe they would exploit aspiring models dreams like this, its disgusting. It's upsetting how lovely all the staff were at the studios too and i really hope that they do not know what BB models is really like. I am simply writing this to young women and men, or parents of children who are wanting a serious modelling opportunity because this place is not it.

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Hello. Your story is exactly the same experience today with my son.

I was just lookng for a way out of buying these hugely extortinate photos. Scammers


Hi I hope you can read this. Your note above is word for word the experience I went through with my daughter.

Same alarm bells, same questions and Ive also noticed the photoshopped fb page. I luckily escaped without paying a penny- I realised the smooth talking man and his partner (who came in at all the right moments to say how beautiful my daughter was!) were scammers.

I won't let this lie, so many people were conned just the day I was there - in four hours I saw four different people having their shoot and paying for the images, eyes bright at the thought Of just being accepted. It's disgusting.

to Anonymous #1015300

Sounds like adora models, virtually same set up, they're scammers too! Check out the reviews for adora models on here

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