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I know this is long but read it, it's worthy. I noticed that there isn't a lot of information about Blackberry Models so I'll invite to read my story.

A couple of months ago I submitted an application to Adora Models and Blackberry Models to become a model. I was interested in becoming a model so I thought "Why not try?". Never heard back from Adora Models, but Blackberry Models said they were interested in me and asked me to go to a "free" test shoot on Basement 208, Brick Lane.

I went, took the photos and about 15min later a guy asked me to go to a private room where he showed me the photos on a computer, always complimenting them like "Wow, so powerful" and said congrats the agency wants you to sign a contract and they will email it to you bla bla bla but you need pictures for their website and it would be better to use the ones you took. Then he showed me the prices which were like £2000 for all of them and, when I said NO he said, oh but you're a student so we'll cut it in half, and I'll take another £100 off and you'll pay £350 upfront and then you'll pay the rest monthly in £51 instalments.

After a lot of manipulation I stupidly said yes and paid £60 upfront and signed a few documents. After I left, I regretted doing that so on the very next day I sent an email (as well as a registered letter - which was returned because no one was there to receive it and no one claimed it) saying I wanted to cancel and return the photos. They said that a No Cancellation Policy applied and that I signed agreements. I then noticed I left my copies there by my mistake so I asked them to send them to me. After a lot of resistance from them they finally sent me the documents.

So apparently some things were filled out AFTER I signed (including the price - which was now 1000 Pounds again). I got in deep and after a lot of sessions with Citizen's Advice B. I sent my final email last week stating that a lot of things weren't done properly and that what I signed wasn't even a contract and was not valid, and I would allow them to sell me the photos for the £60 I had paid already because the photos weren't that good (which is the truth, some are even blurred). They haven't replied so I'm hoping that's the end of it. I also tried to call Basement 208 and no one picked up - hummmm... I also searched Basement 208 and Blackberry Models and a lot of info they provide doesn't add up... and also found a lot of bad reviews online - but not on their pages or websites.

So learn from me! THIS IS A SCAM! If you're interested in modelling you can look online various suggestions and precautions regarding fake agencies.

P.S.- Remember when I said BB Models was going to send me the contract? It's a freaking joke. It's some web generated *** when you fill out some fields like your name. See for yourselves on their website "/contract"

I never submitted it and they never contacted me again (LOL).

This reviewer shared experience about pricing issue and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). pepicarvalho is overall dissatisfied with Blackberry Models. The most disappointing about blackberry models modeling service at Blackberry Models was scam Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom #1236249

Stay away from these people, they are professional ***-artists. They have numerous different names and guises.

They will take all the money they can from your bank account and you will never be able to contact them as none of their number work. Their partner company (Simple Finance) are under investigation, they will rob you blind and you will have a very very hard time getting your number back.


The exact same thing just happened to me at 208 bricklane NYC studio. Stay AWAY!!!

Nottingham, Nottingham, United Kingdom #1127311

Hi I have been to same situation, and how your instalments was by credit company or not? Bcoz we applied for a credit

Kingston Upon Thames, Kingston Upon Thames, United Kingdom #1115616

Have they contacted you via debt collectors, or have you got your money back? Has anything else happened? I cancelled my dd and am recievening threatening letters and have not once been able to get in contact with anyone from bbmodels

to dalers #1115654

Ever since I sent that last email I mentioned I never heard from them again, they left me alone, luckily. It's not a surprise that you can't get in touch with BB Models, since it is a cover for the scam - I actually did some digging and found out their address isn't even real (they rent it from another company or something), and you can see the photos they share on their facebook page of the "premises" and ads are photoshopped (I found the originals).

If you're receiving threatening letters you should contact Citizen's Advice, a solicitor or the fraud police to get advice on what to do.

- the Author

to Author #1116080

I have just been to the studio today but with a model agency called "m0del agency" as they sent me there and he asked me for money and said it was cheaper than normal I cancelled my DD and blocked my card will this stop them taking it out? I feel like an *** and I am not getting paid till Friday hopefully my work can stop my payment being put in

to Author #1118287

(dalers - won't let me log in)

I cancelled my DD and contacted the fraud police when I woke up and realised what was happening - advice from my bank etc so I am hoping that if it does become a "case" that I can rightly have my side backed along with the scores of people writing on this forum and many others with the exact same problem! I've started getting blocked phone calls too which I presume is the company, but then again I don't answer blocked numbers - if someone wanted me urgently they can contact me other ways! :D


scam scam scam scam. I want to go to the studio and smash it up.

They are *** ***-takers and for all they ask £200 to £2999 you don't even get a drink.

Im no joking when I say these manipulating fraudsters better watch their back coming out and going home because I am a bethnal green boy born and bread. They will get theres very soon.

Ohh and I didn't pay a penny and left.


I paid out for photos of my son and done this online contract. I feel like a complete fool after reading so many reviews.

Did u cancel your direct debit?

I set one up and want to cancel it but don't know if that all cause me more problems with them. I have emailed numerous times and rung and still have no reply.

to Jade2015 #1115657

I went to the bank to cancel the direct debit and I was told that it couldn't be cancelled, I could only do something after they took money from my account - which to me sounded very ***. Luckily they never did.

- the Author

to Author #1116332

Unfortunately they have been taking monthly direct debits from me via a company called FIS.

I went down every avenue..

Citizens advice, fraud police etc but they all said I have no leg to stand on as I signed the contract. I sent numerous emails and in the end got a very rude abusive reply from a male. I have continued to pay as these people are disgusting and there is no talking with them (half the time because you can't get through to anyone!) I feel like a complete *** that these people are taking my money every month but I can't have the hassle of debt collectors Etc. I keep debating cancelling it but haven't gone through with it.

The joke is the pictures were pretty ***!!! Defo a lesson learnt!!

to Anonymous #1118299

From where did you get the abusive reply? BB models or the FIS company?

I've recieved 2 letters about missing my payment and now I've missed the deadline to repay where they insinuate "nothing bad will happen".

I haven't been able to contact anyone regarding the shoot - but what I was told I Was getting when I agreed, I never recieved - so I do believe its a misleading sale, whatever the price, I did agree and I did stupidly sign the contract. All I know is that the guy's name was Jordan and at the time of signing he said the photographer would be in touch to choose 12 physical copies for a portfolio for me to start off blah blah.


It's not a scam been there before

to Anonymous #1034875

It most defiantly is a scam!!

to Anonymous #1115660

If you're here claiming it's not a scam either you haven't been looking at the facts or you're in on it.

- the Author

Reading, England, United Kingdom #1030778

My friend sent them 3 pictures of her 6 month old baby and they spun her a line and made everything sound amazing. I read all these reviews and told her.

How can we make sure non of the pictures are used or sold?

Can anyone help?

to Anonymous #1115667

If she payed for the photos she has the legal copyright. If not, you could always argue they misrepresented themselves.

I don't know how to know that... maybe if your friend has the photos she could occasionally image search on google to see if there are any matches


I had the exact same experience this Sunday in Basement 208 with Blackberry Models.

After my test shoot, a guy took me to the private room and complimented me of being so confident, having the right kind of attitude ("not everyone is like you") and said I looked great on the photographs etc...a lot of praise.In retrospect I understand that it was all just a sales pitch to have my portfolio created by them (compiled of the test photos that had already been taken that day) with the prices ranging from £399 to £1999 pounds.

He said that I could go to another photographer but added that it would really cost just as much or more.

I asked him why because I definitely know that to have some studio photographs taken you could pay well below £100 for it. Then he mumbled something confusing (at least for me) as "the photographer has to be a fashion photographer".

BTW, the model photos on Blackberry Models´ website look quite ordinary to me. I´d definitely not pay £1999 to have similar photos taken of me.

He then offered to divide the price between 12 months of payments, but I politely turned him down saying that I´m on a quite tight budget and it´s best if I don´t decide right there on that day. By now I´m even more certain that it was the right decision.

I had hoped that when a model would like to start his/her career they don´t have to contribute that immensely (money-wise) to it themselves.

Frankly it sounds quite *** that a model would have to pay £399 to £1999 pounds to use the test shoot photos (which had already been taken anyway during the previous half an hour). Keep away from Blackberry Models and Basement 208, it´s not worth it!

to LondonGirl #1115668

Very similar to my experience. Thank god you were smart enough to turn it down, that's more than I can say for myself.

About "the fashion photographer" thing, I should probably tell you that during the shoot I was talking to my photographer and I found out that she was a spanish girl (20-something years old max) who spoke very little english and that she taught herself how to take photographs some time before, meaning she had no professional experience - which showed on some of the photos.

Lies, lies, lies.

- the Author

Harlow, Essex, United Kingdom #998157

I went to a similar shoot hosted by BB. Contact the Action Fraud Police. I know I will be.

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